Often times I will show a home in Central Florida and the seller doesn’t understand why they aren’t getting any offers.  The house is the perfect size, it’s clean, it’s in a good area, there’s a pool – so why isn’t it “WOWing” people?  There could be a number of reasons, but there are simple things you can do to WOW your prospective buyers.  Curb appeal is a big one.  A home that is loved on the outside is most likely loved on the inside.  Take care of your yard, water your plants, pull weeds, trim the hedges, add bright, colorful flowers and pots to your landscape and maintain it.  If someone is driving by and notices a “For Sale” sign, but the grass is full of weeds, overgrown or dead, trust me folks – buyers will keep on a’ drivin’.  Landscaping on a budget is easier than you might think.


If you can get people through the front door and past your beautifully and inexpensively landscaped yard, the next important piece is your entry way.  I came across this article and wanted to share inexpensive, easy ways to update this space and draw people into your home. Hoping you enjoy as much as I do – some really great suggestions here even if you’re not looking to sell your home; we could all use some decorating inspiration now and then.

Updating Your Entry WayUpdating Your Entry Way2Updating Your Entry Way3